AOL Web Consulting
Building a sustainable business platform for aspiring enterpreneurs.


We are a team of professionals we offer best services to our clients in Nigeria and all over the world.We providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy planning , Management , IT solution ,digital marketing , professionals web design ,e-mail marketing ,list builders sms campaigns and business solution to every size of industries.

Our services are :

  • We creates business template ,trained people on human capital development
  • We provide business solution , we market and help to build online presence .
  • We design and develop the corporate websites for both small and large organizations .
  • We help independent small time business owners who are just starting their business to build a attractable website.
  • We design Mobile Marketing or SMS Business website for large companies, small business owners or individuals who want to have their own SMS Marketing Business Website.
  • We offer business consulting , Business Development ,Educational consulting

Phone: +234-803-3446245


Business Solutions

Human capital development

SMS campaigns, we have all 36 state phone numbers for campaigns, products lunch, meetings awareness ,educational information e.t.c

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